Sunday, September 21, 2008

Off The Road, People!

Yesterday we went to Disney (what else is new, I know). We were at Epcot.

Back in 2000, for the New Millennium celebration, I had my and Jacob's picture etched onto the...monoliths I suppose, at the entrance to Epcot. Here's Jacob yesterday, pointing to where we are.

Here's the close-up. Isn't it cool? We're a little piece of Disney history. Jake was 6 and I was 31 or 32.

The lines were minimal. I'm telling you, now is the BEST time to be in the parks. In the queue to Test track, we found this Hidden Mickey. You can only see this one if you are facing it head-on. The ears are on another contraption behind the round # 7, so if you are looking at it from any other angle you can't see it. Pretty neat.

On the way home, we decide to take I-4. All of a sudden, swarms of police and deputy vehicles surround us. SWARMS. Seminole county, Orange County, Orlando City, Maitland, Oviedo, Florida Highway Patrol. You name it, they were WHIZZING by us. Traffic was touch and go on the brakes.

Obama was in Daytona, Palin's somewhere in Central Florida. Was this hubbub for them? We scan the radio stations - nothing. Not a thing!

Right around Sanford/Lake Mary, we're complety diverted off the Interstate. Sorry, blurry pictures ahead.

Below, you see a car in the grass, rammed by a police car. It's a Dodge Intrepid. We still have no clue what is going on.

This morning, I check the news channels on-line, and this is what was happening.

Carjacker Arrested After Highspeed Chase on I-4



Big Sis said...

Love the plaque at Disney of you and Jacob!

Big Sis said...

Did I spell that right?......;)