Monday, September 29, 2008

Look Dad, Look Here!!

Dad and Nellie came to visit us on Saturday in honor of my birthday. They live a little under 2 hours away, so a weekday visit is out of the question.

Dad read my blog about my great birthday and wanted to make sure I share this with you all:

My New Purse, courtesy of dad and Nellie. :)

(Click the pic and look closely at the door knob. Hidden Kaaren!)

Cool, aint it?

Thanks Dad...

and Nellie.


Big Sis said...

He actually takes the time to read your blog? and I give him kudos for going to your house! (I know he visits every once in awhile) Of course it's a special occasion. Your Bday. I am glad you that you are able to have a relationship with Dad.
Impressive indeed on his part. No surprise on your part, because YOU ARE THE BEST!

Estan viejitos.
We are all going to get

Cute Purse by the way.

Niki said...

nice bag and excellent capture in the doorknob