Thursday, September 25, 2008

REALLY Great Day

I remember saying last year how my birthday was a bit of a bummer. I think I gave it a 4. No one at work did anything, other than wish me a happy birthday and tell me to go pick up my own lunch and the company would pay. I was sad. Then, when I came home, David had to work so the rest of the night was a little blah.

I LOVE birthdays, almost as much as I love Christmas.

This time, I had a really great day. The day before, I received a card from my mom, with a $50 Wal-Mart card. I also received a package from my Big Sis with a pair of jeans and two tank tops. Here are the jeans and one top.

I went to work on Wednesday, and had a birthday card from the guys over in Charlotte waiting for me in the mailbox. $40 cash. Yay!

My boss picked up lunch for me and my co-worker (Sushi). He also got a Tres Leche cake and they got me a gift. A really big umbrella. My boss listened to a story abut how I threw away four umbrellas last weekend and how could all 4 be bad, yada yada. So he got me this.

THEN, I received a cookie bouquet at work! I LOVE cookie bouquets, from This came courtesy of my youngest sister Lissette, who SHARES THE SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME! This came as a total surprise. She said it was her and her husband's way of saying Thank You for being there for them, calling them just to say hi, sending clothes to their daughter, etc. I was so excited!

I arrived home to David and the kids. David took the night off work. :) He had steaks on the grill. Isabel kept saying "Look mom, dad got you a CAKE!" and opening the fridge door. LOL

After dinner, it was time for "prez-nints!" First up, a dvd/cd tower, because we are running out of room in the family room for all the ones we own. (and if you stare really close, you can see Buffy Season 7 on the box picture there. Hee hee).

I opened cards.....

I opened a book light (yay! The lighting in our bedroom is horrible, even with the bedside table lamp on.)

I opened "Brisingr," the third book in the Eragon/Eldest series.

and I opened Supernatural Season 3. This picture here is in Mid-Squeeee!

I also received some gifts from David's parents. Pampered Chef Food Chopper and Sandwich press thingy which is so cool.

Then it was time for cake! Florida Gators Style. :)

By the way....I am putting myself down for ZERO WEIGHT LOSS this week. Tres Leche, cookies and chocolate cake? Yeeesh!

After cake and coffee, we put the kids to bed (well, we put KID to bed. Jacob can pretty much do that himself) and watched a couple of episodes of "Dexter." (creepy-good!).

I had a terrific birthday!! I am spoiled and loved. Thanks everyone.

(p.s. - Today I received a $50 Old Navy gift card from another sister, Vicky. LOVE me some Old Navy. Thanks, V!)


ShoeWHORE said...

That's FUCKIN awesome!

Hope you can find some kick ASS stuff, on sale, no doubt at Old Navy! :)

April Love said...

Sounds like a GREAT DAY !!! Happy Belated, by the way !

Big Sis said...

You are so happy opening your gifts!
Te mereces eso y mucho más!


Kellis said...

Happy, Happy Birthday again. (sorry I'm late up reading the blogs!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to skinny little you! I'm so glad they turned it all around!