Saturday, March 30, 2013

SPRING BREAK! Glasses Gals

Wednesday we went to our opthamologist to get my annual exam and to re-do Isabel's exam.  She's not up for her annual, yet she need to get re-checked.  Her school did free screenings and noticed that even with her glasses, she was having a hard time reading. I noticed her squinting at the tv while wearing glasses too.


This meant out-of-pocket expenses on both the exam and the new glasses she would need.   We asked about replacing the lenses on the frames she already had, but with the sale they were having, it would have come out to about the same to just get new frames too.

We walked around the mall and then had lunch, killing time while her glasses were made up.  Cute purple frames for my cute gal.

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Niki said...

She looks so grown up.