Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week with the Outlaws

I was talking to my co-worker bffs (Seattle, Baltimore, Boston gals) about a last-minute planned trip my in-laws were planning, and that they were coming down for a week and we were all excited about it.  Then I said "You know, I hit the 'In-law Lottery' twice.  I am blessed."  It's true. No matter what I say (or don't) about Jacob's dad, I can say my in-laws were amazing people, God rest their souls.

My in-laws now are good people.  I am blessed to have them in my life. WE are blessed, Jacob and I.  Jacob came into this family at the same time I did.  They took us, kit and caboodle.  When Jacob graduated, my in-laws drove down from the Tennessee/Georgia border, along with my single brother in-law, my other brother-in-law, his wife and two babies.  They are not even related by blood but they drove down 9+ hours to watch him graduate.  The love I feel for them over it is so huge, it hurts my chest sometimes. When I mentioned this to my sister-in-law (married to David's brother) who came down with her 2 babies, she said "Well of course.  He's part of the family.  He's ours."

OK. Enough mushy stuff.

David's parents came down to spend a week.  I had to work but my boss graciously let me take two days off during the week to be with them.  The days where I had to work, my in-laws kept themselves very busy visiting relatives in cities a couple of hours away, visiting old friends for lunch an hour away, going to Bok Tower Gardens, and doing other fun things.  On the days I was home, my mother-in-law and I baked for a Women's retreat I volunteered baked goods for, and then we all 4 went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge while the kids were at school.

My mother-in-law is an avid "birder." I have no idea what you call a bird watcher fan.  I think Birder is right. Anyway, we're in the Visitor's Center.  My m-i-l mentions that she wished she could see a Painted Bunting, the ever-elusive bird she has never been able to see.    I kid you not, two minutes later, David and his dad run in, saying "Mom!  There are Painted Buntings outside!"

The excitement was palpable; it was great.  And me with just my point & click camera!  I'd left the fancy Nikon at home!  My in-laws and several different visitors to the Refuge took turns taking pictures.  How awesome for them to get to finally see one here!

We took a scenic drive, saw some alligators and had a quick lunch before heading back home for a birthday dinner for our 9-year old.  They left Saturday for home.

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