Monday, March 11, 2013

Party Like a Pony

Isabel's 9th birthday party was a rousing good time!  Boy oh boy, was it a long weekend this past weekend.

The week ended rather rushed for me due to work issues.  One manager on vacation, another out of town for work and I was left to fend for myself.  This made me late getting home several nights and I was in a slight panic come Friday morning. I had to get home that evening and put a cake together.  I had not even started coloring fondant yet and I needed to assemble everything AND set up the party for the next morning.

While at work, my older sister Brenda in Palm Beach county sends me a text asking me if I had finished the cake.  I replied that I had baked a cake, yes, but that I had to get everything done that night and it was going to be a looooooong night.

I race home and immediately set to coloring fondant.  "Moooom, what's for dinner?"  "Nothing!  Eat an apple!!"  LOL, that's how I felt. Rushed and crazed!  Isabel started watching a movie and there was a loud scene.  I thought I heard a knock at the door but then I thought it was the surround sound for the movie.  Best go check.

I open the door and there's my sister Brenda, fresh from her 2.5 hour drive to spend the weekend and help me with the party. I was SO happy.

While I colored fondant, Brenda set to getting the house decorated for the party. Jake was sent off to buy dinner after setting up a foldable table in the entrance way.  Armed with scissors, balloons, a party paper plate and miscellaneous items from my house,  Brenda proceeded to create a centerpiece and decor for the tables.

Cupcake decorating table photo DSC_0001_zps5ce3b852.jpg

She then headed back to help me finish decorating the cake.

Cute! photo DSC03542_zps62ed4ff5.jpg

The birthday gal photo DSC03538627x640_zps365391a9.jpg

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!  If you have not heard of the newest incarnation of the My Little Pony brand, where have ya been??  SUPER popular show, even with the college crowd and the cosplay fans.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cake photo DSC_0012_zps488d9def.jpg

I decided on a cupcake decorating station because, hello?  I have everything here and I thought it'd be loads of fun.  After games and pizza, we got to the decorating.

Cupcake Decorating Station photo DSC03567640x480_zps726110a3.jpg

It was a messy, fun time!

Decorating time! photo DSCF0048640x480_zps381252e8.jpg

My sister Jany above in red came from Tampa too with my niece.  She helped me clean while big sis Brenda entertained the gals.

She gets embarrassed when they sing photo DSCF0053640x480_zpseed38005.jpg
She gets embarrassed every year when we sing to her.

Yummy! photo DSC03572_zps723dd158.jpg

The party was from 11 to 2.   All the gals went home with a goody bag and a carry-box for their cupcakes.

And then two party guests show up at 2, because the older sibling misread the invitation.

Oh, I felt SO bad for them.  The older sibling was mortified, so big sis Brenda and I set these two up in the kitchen with pizza, cake and soda, and then we brought everything back out to decorate more cupcakes with the new arrivals.  We played a couple of board games and two hours after they arrived, I sent them home with cupcakes and goody bags.

Then I passed out on the couch in the loft.  I can't party like a pony anymore.  Too old for that hay. :)

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