Monday, April 1, 2013


Then, there was Thursday.


Thursday was a day off from fun Spring-Breaky things, because Friday Jacob had no school and we were going to do fun things. Cool fun, funny-fun things.

Thursday early evening, Isabel was cutting up a slew of veggies for home-made minestrone soup from her new cookbook.

SO GOOD!! No lie!

She complained about her stomach hurting and declined eating her yummy creation because she felt bad.  About an hour after we finished making, but not eating, the soup, she RACES to my side and says she's going to be sick.  I herd her to the bathroom and hold back her hair as she proceeds to get sick into the toilet.

After getting her into warm jammies and going to buy ginger ale, the rest of the night consisted of us laying in the family room with a garbage can by her head.  She got sick about 5 more times before I slowly escorted her to the guest room for sleep (the bed's closer to the floor there, so she can reach the garbage can easier.  All our beds are REALLY high.)

Jacob's Friday off was spent at home because I could not leave little miss sickly, who was now feverish and had an upset stomach.  We watched tv, fed her soup and toast and spent the entire day in our jammies.

Maybe Saturday can be saved!

Saturday, 6:00 a.m.

"Moooooom!" says Jake,  and then I hear him throw up.  He'd been about to take a shower.  He was sitting on the toilet because he had an upset stomach and all of a sudden had to throw up.  In the tub.  He hurked about 3 times, while I covered his naked self up with a towel did the mandatory mommy-back-rubbing.

The tub was a wreck.  EVERYTHING he ate was in it, clogged up.  Off I went to buy Drano, Pepto and TP.  Wow, what the cashier must have thought!

After settling him in the guestroom for a nap, I spent 2 hours completely disinfecting their bathroom.  Shower curtains came down and were bleached.  The rug and towels were washed in hot water, the NASTY tub was cleared and cleaned, the floors were bleached, everything sprayed with Lysol, etc. etc.  Isabel was starting to feel more herself.  She showered and actually got dressed, still fighting an upset stomach, but no vomiting since Thursday.

Saturday evening David comes down from our bedroom to announce that he'd joined the barf club.  Hurrah!  I was the only one still holding on.  David wondered if I would throw up next.

Let me give you a side note. I don't throw up.  I have not thrown up since middle school.  I just don't.  David  and Isabel are throw-up champs.  Jake and I not so much.

Easter Sunday, Jacob, Isabel and I went to church leaving David at home.  He was feverish and had to use the bathroom a lot.  We 3 made it through the service and got home.  The extent of my troubles for Sunday  was an upset stomach that had me in the bathroom a lot.  No vomit, no fever.

I told David "The sickness went from youngest to oldest." (I am 3 months older than he).  He nods.  "Or," I continue, "it went from weakest to strongest."  He makes a rude gesture my way.  :)

Thus ended our Spring Break.  :(

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Niki said...

At least you had a really good time up till then.
Hope all are better.