Sunday, March 24, 2013

SPRING BREAK! Cooking Gals.


It's Isabel's spring break.  Sadly, now that Jacob's in college, his breaks no longer coincide with hers.  We were going to take an Atlanta trip, but with some problems with scheduling at his work, David did not want to take the time off until it all got resolved (resolution in T-minus 2 weeks and counting.)

I decided I really wanted the time off, so I asked and my boss said yes, even though it was month-end, which is really not usually done (so thank you boss.)

It's mostly going to be a girls' week here.

We've started early.  While at a local Christian bookstore re-buying Toby Mac's "Eye On It"  (I'd given my copy to big sis Brenda when she came up to help with the party), Isabel asked if she could get a book and I said yes.  Most of the books, though, were either too baby-ish or too grown/teen for her.  It was weird.  Nothing really for her age group, so she asked if she could get a cookbook.  Sure, why not.


When we got home, Jacob laughed. " How exactly is this Christian?"  I explained that it was really the only thing for her age that she wanted.

She's made (with very little help from me)  four things so far;

1) Peanut butter ice cream smoothie (yum! sorry, no pics).

2) Peanut butter bumbles (little peanut butter/oatmeal snacks) that are supposed to look like bumble bees.

3) A Corn Souffle that was AMAZING! (I pretty much just got it in and out of the oven.)

4) A Greek Salad Pasta that everyone ate up, except her.

She's loving this book.  Next up. Meatless Minestrone Soup.  :)

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