Monday, March 25, 2013

SPRING BREAK! Zipping Gals

One of things on our Spring Break list was to go on the courses at ZoomAir at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford, Florida. (It's not called the Sanford Zoo, people.)  Isabel wanted to jump right into the hardest course, of course.  But upon arriving, she got a little cold feet and decided to do the kids' course instead. This meant I could not go on it with her.  :(

She was a little hesitant at first, but she got into the swing of it.  She tends to be afraid of the unknown and expresses that fear with whining.  She kept saying "Ow, Ow" when she first put the harness on and later when she did the first zip line and she hit the ground, she did the "ow ow" thing again.   

Flat Stanley is visiting us
courtesy of my youngest sister's daughter, Lyric.

Hi Iz! Hi Stanley!

There were two courses.  The second one was higher and harder, but she did better there.  She was used to it by then and had a ball. She said she wished there were more to do.  Next time, we will all go on the Upland course; she's now officially 54" tall and can do that one with us.   

This ending's a little tame.  I think she'll do fine on the adult course with daddy and me going with her.

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That looks like so much fun