Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Saturday, Crafty Sunday

Friday night my glasses broke.  Saturday was spent going to the mall to get glasses made.  I even decided that Jacob could get prescription sunglasses, since his portion of the insurance was good to use for 2012.

Both pairs were going to be ready in a few hours so we walked around the mall, had lunch and got Isabel some funky hair clips.  We also hit the craft store to get some chocolate melts, a fun candy mold and lollipop sticks for a Sunday craft.

Isabel *loves* her pink hair clip with fake pink hair.

 After the glasses, we drove an hour to meet with Jacob's big brother Gregory to get an amp and a guitar that he got from his grandfather's passing.  We all headed to Crabby Bill's for dinner, and then to see a new place Greg and his girlfriend may be moving in to.

Jacob's little sister and big brother.

Sunday, we slept in LATE.  Isabel and I colored on some iron on patches she received for Easter and ironed them on to a shirt she received in her Easter basket from Aunt Denise and Aunt Mo.

Then, Chocolate Mustache pop making. Oh Yea. 

These are for some of Jake's friends at school on Monday.  Just something silly.  He has a friend obsessed with mustache things; erasers, clips, shoes.  So when we saw the candy mold on Saturday, we had to buy them.

Speaking of Jacob: then it was time for, dum dum dum!!!  Preparing graduation announcements!!  Help.

Thus ends our busy weekend.

This week?


I'll keep you posted.

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Niki said...

That was a fun, but busy weekend.
Good luck with the knee.