Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Fun

It's not often people say "I have amazing ex-in-laws."  Usually, bad breaks = strained relationships.  Not here, not me.

I am so very fortunate to not only have terrific in-laws in David's parents, but also in Jacob's dad's side too.   God has surrounded us with a wonderful group of people and I am very grateful.  This Easter Sunday, we were invited to Jacob's family Easter party hosted by his eldest uncle and family near Melbourne, David and Isabel included.  I love them for that.

We drove an hour and 1/2 to the GORGEOUS home of the eldest.  I never did take a picture of the front of the house except with my cell.  All the siblings, except my ex (that would be awkward) were there.  There was grilling, eating, swimming and napping.




Napping in the media room. For reals!  Holy wow.

Isabel was IN LOVE.  There was another one in a guest room.

What can I get for ya?

I made a cake.  :)
The homeowner, and my other (ex)  sister-in-law, had made baskets for the little ones that were going to be there, Isabel included.   At the last minute, the 2 other youngster's parent cancelled, so it was just Isabel in the under 17 set.  And guess what?  My (ex) sister-in-law the homeowner and I hid eggs just for Isabel to find.  Aren't they awesome?

Isabel's basket of goodies



*slurp*  New friends!

Hi Jacob!
The food was great as was the company. We were very sleepy on our ride home.

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Niki said...

That looks so fun.
You really are lucky to have cool people that want to keep Jacob in their lives.