Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bowling Time

Isabel's party was quite late.  With so much travel, Spring Break, etc., we just ended up moving it to the end of the month.  We decided to just invite family, because Isabel wanted to go bowling and we are not made of money.  She was very cool with it.

My family is mostly in Florida.  David's is not. So it was PUERTO RICAN/CUBAN time.  :)

Isabel's cousin Lyric has a go. She's my sister Lissette's eldest.

It was all-you-can-eat pizza and bowling for 2 hours.  Yay!  BUT they would not bring out an entire pizza.  If you paid for the all-you-can-eat deal, you got a wrist band and the waitress brought one slice at a time for each person with the wrist band.  We had her RUNNING ragged.

La familia

Why yes. I AM the normal one.

Look at these scores!  *snort*


(more cake pictures here)

Prettiest?  *eye roll*

Isabel and her abuelo (my dad)

Sister Vicky

We were pretty much exhausted by the time we were done.  They said 2 hours but they let us bowl for over 3!  Great fun.  

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Niki said...

Looks fun and yes, indeed you are the "normalest" one of the family.