Saturday, April 28, 2012

Knee Update Day 2; hiding in the bathroom

Day two, Friday, found my knee/leg a little stiff, but not to bad.  Still had some drugs in me I suppose.  Isabel had to go to school but she remembered my telling her she could draw on my bandages "tomorrow" so she was up bright and early with her markers.

I tottered around with the walker most of the day.  Took a "bird bath" with one leg in and one leg out of the tub (NOT EASY when you can't bend the knee) and was pretty much waited on all day.  :)

My Seattle corporate office sent me a lovely bouquet with an unintentionally funny card.

Whoever wrote the card at the floral shop missed a vital punctuation mark.  It should have read

"Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to running.  From your friends at S*****s."

What is said was

"Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to running from your friends at S*****s."

When I relayed the funny message to my HR rep, she replied if I tried running from them, they'd drag me back.  :)

The rest of the evening was uneventful until... the storm.  Suddenly, the skies darkened, the winds rolled and a smattering noise was heard.  Hail was falling hard against the house.  Jacob looks out our back yard and panics.  "Mom!  We need to get into the bathroom now!"  OK.  I had surgery YESTERDAY and he's panicking about getting into the bathroom (one of two completely self-enclosed rooms in the house) on the first floor, because the winds in the back yard are in a funnel shape.  Not a full on twister, but he was correct; they were moving in a (I think) counter-clockwise rotation.

Jacob turns off the major appliances (computer, flat screen, PS3) and we hobble my butt into the bathroom. The power keeps flickering and we can't get any news so we call Jake's aunt Denise, who is further south of us, to see if she has access to the news.  Powerful storms in the area for the next 20 minutes.  We wait it out for about 10 and then I'm done.

The back yard is flooded, but that lasts all of 5 minutes before the parched earth sucks it right up and there's ICE on the ground!  ICE!

See the ice on the edge of the concrete slab there?

My sister Vicky mocks us for hiding out.  I send her this picture of a house half a mile away from us.

Taken by Jacob on his way to a friend's house.

Better safe than sorry, sis.

After that excitement, Jacob reluctantly leaves for a party but promises to be home early and tells me to call him if I need anything.  (David works nights, remember?)  Jacob loads the coffee table with my book, my Nook, all the remotes, my phone, a blanket, a cup of water and a kiss.

Isabel puts herself to bed a little late (it's Friday, it's allowed) and I hunker down to watch some "Downton Abbey" season 2.  Ah, Mr. Bates, how I love yeh and yer Anna.   (If you have not seen it, do it.  It's AWESOME.)

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