Friday, February 24, 2012

The Knee and the 5k

On Monday the 20th, I had my first appointment for my knee.   The fantastic Jewett Orthopaedic facility in Lake Mary is where I went.  Talk about a well-oiled machine! They're the team physicians for the Orlando Magic, UCF, etc.

X-rays showed my bones were fine.  Great, in fact.  According to the doctor, my bones around my knee were well-aligned and not chipped.   I was given a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and instructions to wait for a call from their MRI department.

The MRI was set for Friday the 24th at 7:45 a.m.  Sadly, it was on the same day as the day I was to head to Disney's Wide World of Sports to pick up my race pack. Saturday the 25th was to have been race day.

On Friday, I headed towards the clinic & had my MRI done, using a very small machine where only my left leg needed to go in. Yay!  I am scheduled to go in next Wednesday 02/29 to discuss the MRI findings with the doctor.

I got in my car and headed south to Disney's Wide World of Sports to get my race pack and attend the Expo.  I wished that I had someone with me; a sister, a friend.  No one would or could run with me.  The ones that would have are living in California, Washington State or Minnesota. :(

I'm walking up to the main area and my throat starts to constrict.  I am holding back tears of disappointment and every so often and little squeak escapes; a wail trying to make its way out of my throat.

I walk up to the section that lists my race number.  Some sections have a huge line.  Mine only had two people in line.  I kept swallowing back the tears.  I will NOT make a fool of myself in front of these Disney volunteers.  I give them my information and they hand me my bib and my pin.  There was a deadline to have your name on the bib.  I was one day late and yet, there it was - my name on my bib.

The man directed me to the next area, where I would turn in more forms and pick up my T-shirt and clear "bag check" bag for race day.  I thank him, turn around and the waterworks begin.  I walk with my head down, so people can't see me crying.  I cry until I get into the next section, wipe my tears and enter.

If you recall, we've been here before, for my nieces' gymnastics competition.  Today, the entire place was full of vendors and super-excited people.  The 5k on Saturday was just the piddly run.  These women were here to run the Half-Marathon on Sunday.  Some were doing both.

I walk to the back to pick up my T-shirt and bag.  Then I walked around for a bit, trying to calm my nerves enough so that I could speak with race personnel without blubbering like an idiot.  With my nerves steeled, I asked them about walking the race and explained my knee problem.  The 3 unoccupied people behind the booth were very cheery and told me that I should try it anyway walking.  If I could not do it, then someone would pick me up in a golf cart and take me to the end.   If it hurts too much, just stop.

I don't know if I will be able to maintain a 16-minute mile pace.  I'm vacillating between "sure why the heck not" and "why bother?"  I'll let you know I guess soon.

So, let me show you my loot.

My T-Shirt

My numbered, personalized bib

My Pin (had to pay extra for it).

The program with lots of good information,
mostly geared towards the Half Marathon people.

If I manage to complete the race in the allotted time (doubtful),
here's the medal we receive.  
   I need to sleep on it.  I am not sure what I will do.

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Niki said...

If you don't at least try, you will always wonder "what if."
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.
Don't hurt yourself; stop if your knee protests, but you've trained too hard to not at least walk a piece of the track.
Even a quarter of a mile means that you can say you gave it your all.
You can do this. You can.