Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buffy Season 9: No 3, Free Fall Pt. 3

Spoilers after Steve Morris' gorgeous cover.

So I make all this fuss about the mysterious young guy's necklace and bracelet, and in this book, they're missing!  Same day, same time, no more necklace/bracelet combo.  LOL - go figure.  I mean, they show his hands and neck close-up, and someone forgot to draw in his necklace and bracelet.

Buffy's in awe of this guy, Severin, whose powers can basically suck the demons out of the bodies they've inhabited.   She and he go back to his gorgeous digs because the cops are after Buffy for "killing" vampires.  Since the world knows about them now, they have rights, a-la "True Blood."  Severin tells the tale of how his girlfriend decided she wanted to get made into a vampire, cause they're so cooool, except when she's "made," she's super-feral and attacks him.  He defends himself and suddenly, some power from his hands removes the evil from her body and she's on the floor, dead.   The vamps are feral now because Buffy destroyed the seed where magic comes from in Season 8, so now any new vamps made, are not..coherent or something.  Magic made them coherent and cognizant.

Meanwhile, Spike's hunting the green-ball-force field guy from parts 1 and 2, finding him/it in Alcatraz.  Oddly enough, this dude is not trying to kill her, he wants to thank her for destroying the seed of magic that released him from some jail, by protecting her from the siphon.  An evil being that siphons energy. Hey, don't we know someone who....

Rut Roh.  Severin leads Buffy into a trap and we're left hanging until the next episode.

I loved the "call to Scoobies" and seeing that Andrew's listening to Lady Gaga while repairing a robot arm.  *snort*  WHAT is he going to do with that?  Willow's being avoidy, and Xander and Dawn are kind-of annoying because they're fighting over Xander forgetting Dawn's birthday, but her birthday has not happened yet.  She's annoying. Can she get eaten?

Now we have to wait and see what happens in the final part of "Free Fall", which is already out..and then some. I am really behind on my posts.

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