Monday, February 27, 2012

More on my Disney Princess Family 5k

I was too excited (and busy) to post more than just that picture last time, so here's what happened between Friday's "I don't know" and Saturday's "YES!!"

I went to bed at 11 p.m.  I was really doubting whether or not I was going.  I set the alarm for 4:30 a.m.  It went off and I fought with myself in bed.

"Get UP!"

"No, it does not matter. I won't be able to keep up!"

"Get UP!"

"Why? I'm going to make a fool of myself not being able to keep up. They'll put me in a golf cart.  I'll be mortified!"

"So WHAT?  Will you know anyone there? Will they ever recognize you? Who CARES.  GET UP!"

I got up, got dressed, put ointment on my knee, put on my knee brace, got some water and a banana, my fannie pack and camera & left the house at 5 a.m.

I was nervous the entire ride but I got into the Epcot parking lot and followed the crowd.  It was nippy.  The day was still dark but there were lights on and a stage with a dj talking and playing music.  I walked around to enjoy the show.

There were thousands of people there.  Thousands.  They had over 5,000 sign up.  The dj's playing music.  People are dressed up.  Tutus galore.  Even men.  One man in his 60's with a gut that would rival Santa's was sporting a purple tutu & crown along side his wife.  There was a Seth-Rogen-look-a-like there with 5 other girls.  They were all wearing pink personalized shirts, running shorts, tiaras and pink tutus, including "Seth."

There were women dressed as Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora, Cruella, etc. etc.  There was a man dressed as a horse and another as a chameleon; both characters from "Tangled."  There were strollers, wheelchairs, kids, adults, skinny, fat and in between.  It was great.

Then they asked us to get into our corrals, based on our running times.  Being Miss Hurty Knee, I chose

Hello!  Yes, I am a dork in my hat

By the time I got to the start line, probably 5 minutes had already  passed on the clock.  We walkers were WAAAAY in the back.

When we got to the one was in a rush in the walking group.  Nope.  No rush.  I was told I *had* to maintain a 16-minute mile.  I'm doing a speed-walk-hop-avoid-hurting-knee-more thing, and no one's in a rush.  Oooookay.  I slow down a bit.  There are hundreds of people behind  me.  I am NOT GOING TO BE THE LAST ONE!  Yahoo!

We start around the back of the Epcot lot and we're already at mile one before we're even in the park.

Yes, the time stinks, but this is overall time. I had to wait 5 minutes to even pass the starting line.  So about 18 minutes.  Imagine if I could have run!

Then, right after mile 1, we're inside Epcot being cheered by Cast Members waving Mickey hands, or clappers, clapping and hooting at us. Congratulating us.  I was grinning from ear to ear and teary-eyed from happiness.

See? This group of walkers are WALKING.  I could see across the lake to mile 2 where people were  jogging.

Prince Charming dad and his cute Cinderella.

There were places along the way where you could stop and greet characters and get your picture taken with them.  Basically, you have time to do this because you're running, and so have time to stop and get in line.  Since I was walking, I did walk-by photo shots.

UGH, This is my average to be DONE and I'm on mile 2.

This is Snow White.  MISTER Snow White.
As we near the end, people are getting excited and start picking up the pace.  I'm o.k. though. There are HUNDREDS still behind me.

The last point one is right around the corner.

I cross the finish line with a huge grin on my face.  No tears though.  Walking 3 miles is just not a big deal.  I want to run it.  But I was still super-happy.  

They're not saying "No Photos" as in, you can't take them.  That
was the line to go through without having your photo taken by the Disney photographers is all.

We all got our pictures taken throughout the day and after the finish line we got our pictures taken with a backdrop with the name of the event on it.  We got a goody box with healthy snacks, bottled beverages and, oh yea, our medals.


Oh how I wish I had known how easy and cool it was!  I would have had Isabel with me.  She totally could have done it.  Jacob too.  Next year, we are ALL doing it.

Jacob and I might even do the Expedition Everest Challenge in May.  Who's with us??


Niki said...

I'm sooooo glad you talked yourself into it!
Way to go.

megan said...

So much fun! Can't wait to take our little one soon.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

That is super-awesome! You rock!