Tuesday, February 21, 2012

La Familia

The Saturday before my Panama trip, we went to see my dad and step-mom's new house. I am so behind on my posts.  The passing of a loved one tends to put things into perspective.

Dad and Nellie got themselves a great new place.

Check out that open door there.  That would be FOUR sliding glass doors that nest into each other, leading out to a screened in patio.  On cool days, like this day, they leave the doors open and let nature cool the house.

The stairs off to the right of the above picture lead to a loft room with a half bath.  It's the only room on the second floor.

My sister Lissette came over with her hubby John and my two nieces.

Isabel and her cousin Lyric

The tech nerds.  Jacob, Dad and John with my sis Lissette.

Little Miss Giana aka Gigi.

Step-mama Nellie with her granddaughters Isabel and Lyric.

Nerds in the house!

And I say Nerds with love, being one myself!

We had a nice lunch (Shepherd's Pie - YUM!) listened to old music I grew up with in Puerto Rico and NY and then headed home because I had to fly out to Panama the next morning.

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Niki said...

I love that wall of doors.
BTW, don't be worried about beinf behind - i still need to do New Year's and 4 posts from Hawaii!