Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stetson University Men's Choral Festival

Jacob took part in the 2012 Stetson University Men's Choral Festival in late January.

Stetson University is a private University located in Deland, Florida; very close to us.  It is a BEAUTIFUL campus.  They have a wonderful music program and every year they invite High School males to attend this Men's Choral Festival.

Jacob spent the entire day at the University, learning 3 new songs, eating some lunch and having a good learning experience with fellow classmates.

They sang in the H. Douglas Lee Chapel in Elizabeth hall that evening.

Including Jacob, there were six young men from his school participating.

Isabel reads while waiting for the concert to begin.

Before the high school students sang, Stetson's Men's Choir and Concert Choir performed 8 different pieces. Then, it was the high school student's turn.

The conductor was Dr. Andrew Larson.  Tammy Miller was on piano and Bridget Johnson was on cello.

Song 1: "We'll Shout and Give Him Glory", arr. Mack Wilberg.

Song 2: "Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair," Victor C. Johnson

Song 3: "Come Travel with Me," Scott Farthing

Jacob enjoyed his experience.


Unknown said...

Hey Kaaren! I've missed you on FB. Is Jacob planning to study music in college? Just curious. My daughter is going to attend the FSU Choral Camp this summer. She's a junior in high school now but has heard great things about their music education program.

My family plans to be in Orlando next January so my son can participate in the Barbershop Harmony Society's Midwinter Conventions's young men's choral festival. If Jacob's not involved in it, he might enjoy seeing it if he'll be in the area....just a passing thought.

--Amy (Amyrica)

Kaaren said...

Hi Amy. Yes, Jacob is planning on studying music. This is his senior year and we're racing to figure out where he wants to go. Stetson is # 1 on my list but it's private, so pricey.

My son's heard that FSU's undergrad program is ok but their graduate program is way better. His choral director from 9-11th grae left to go get his Doctorate at FSU.

The young men's festival next year, is it just for High school students? By then, he'll be a freshman in college.