Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When is Obsession Not Enough Anymore?

I love "Buffy." (The title of my Blog is an homage). I Love "Angel," "Firefly," "Serenity," "Dr. Horrible." Pretty much anything Joss touches (my personal jury's out on "Dollhouse." Some of the episodes kicked BUTT, but the show started sluggishly and it's hard to get over that. David doesn't even care to watch it).

I've also been collecting "Buffy Season 8," the series in comic form.

Buffy Season 8 Banner Pictures, Images and Photos

And sometimes....I'm "meh" about it. Some of the comics are boring me. Gasp! I said it. Boring!

What kicked off this post? When TFAW sent me a confirmation that I'll be getting the 30th comic soon. Thirty! Holy lotsa comics, Batman! I thought to myself, "When does it end? When does Season 8 end and Season 9 begin?" Because I gotta tell you, that's a lot of money, when you include bag, board and shipping!

When is the obsession not enough anymore? Argh. Talk me down. I want to know who Twilight is already (Angel??), I love love love that Oz is back, I am sad Riley's gone to the dark side, but I cannot take another Dawn-is-a-giant-now-a-centaur-she's-cured-Willow's-good-wait-she's-bad, Buffy's-all-alone-so-sad moment again.

Talk me down, fellow nerds. Talk me down.

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