Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting Ready

Hello on this drizzling Saturday afternoon. David was cleaning the cars but only got as far as vacuuming the insides of both before the rain started.

I am doing several things. I baked two 8" cakes last night and made homemade raspberry filling. This morning, I made a batch of Marshmallow Fondant, sliced, filled and iced the cakes into one larger 8" cake. It's in the fridge right now waiting for me to proceed with it later. I'm making a cake for my boss and his wife, but more on that later, on my cake blog.

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We are currently getting ready for our trip to Panama. I also did 4 loads of laundry The trip is for me, for work. Since I will be getting my own room (only female in the Spanish-speaking group going), I wondered if it would be ok for David to come if we pay for his flight and expenses. Sure thing, said both my immediate superiors.

David's mom will be coming down from GA/TN area to stay with the kids. Schedules printed, authorization forms signed and notarized, insurance cards copied and we are almost ready for her. Currently I am cleaning both the upstairs full baths (taking a break to type this because I HATE cleaning bathrooms.)

Then today, Iz's tooth goes "crack" and we have an ordeal with trying to get a hold of my wonderful dentist and the boys' not-so-wonderful dentist. (I go to a place near my work, because it's convenient for me to go on my lunch breaks, while Jake and David go to one near home.) Iz has been to mine once. I paged him, he immediately called back and after I explained what happened, he apologized. He was 4 hours away at a convention, but had he been home, he would have met us at his office this morning. He assured me that if we walk in on Monday morning without an appointment, he would get us right in. The boys' dentist called 2 hours after my page, and although he's in town, he said he normally does not see kids until they come in for a prelim visit to see if they can "behave." Nice. Both David and Jake want to come to my dentist, but it's usually a logistical mess, with two school schedules, the dentist being 35-40 minutes away, etc. I think we'll still attempt it. Their dentist stinks.

But I digress.

Back to Panama.

Yay. Excited and nervous. Beside Puerto Rico and one night crossing the border to go to a bar with coworkers from San Francisco into Mexico, I have never been out of the U.S. and I am a nervous Nellie. I will only have one non-working day in the city to do "stuff" so we're hoping to get some of Ryan's letterboxes and see the Panama Canal on that day.

Panama America Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, back to the toilets. By the way, boys are GROSS.

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

My friend Sheri just got back from a week in Panama, tagging along on her boyfriend's business trip.

She had a wonderful time (and bought me a beautiful mola).