Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meanwhile, Back in Florida

While we were in Panama, the kids were being watched by David's mom. She drove and picked up Isabel from school, made their meals and went grocery shopping.

They also planted new flowers in our back yard. Grandma Tricia brought with her for Isabel some kid gardening tools. They went to Wal-Mart for flowers and planted some beautiful ones.

Isabel also did a lot of drawing. She is quite the artist. Look at this one. Click to "enbiggen." (I so love that ridiculous word.)

Do you get it? Isabel Mrs. Mommy and Daddy. Well, Mrs. is pronounced 'Misses', right? So there. I LOVE it.

On the left is Jake. Notice he is in black, as usual. Also notice that he is bawling because he misses us so much. Next up is my mother-in-law, Tricia, complete with her glasses and earrings that Isabel admired when she arrived. Then we have Isabel, who although she "Mrs." us, is not bawling like her big brother. The clouds are sad though. That's nice.

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