Friday, September 25, 2009

Gut-Wrenching Buffy Moment

All the voting going on over at Buffyfest reminded me of a poll I created back in 2003. Back in the day, I was a member of a Delphi forum. At its height, while Buffy and Angel were still on, it was the #1 entertainment forum on Delphi. Good times. I was one of the mods on the board.

I had a poll in July 2, 2003. I've copied it over here. It is on the top of the blog up there. *pointing up* Just cause it's fun and I remember all the conversations we had about it. (It's a dead forum now. R.I.P.)
Cast a vote on the top of my blog.

Also, here's a screen shot of the poll results, from 6 years ago. Click to make it bigger.

(The poll is acting wonky. I had to hit refresh 3 times for it to show up).

Oh, & watch "Dollhouse!"


Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

*Psssst!* Hey, Kaaren! The first episode in the poll is called Passion, not Passions. Passions was a soap opera....which I believe Spike watched. ;)

Kaaren said...

Drat. It won't let me edit the poll to change it.

Niki said...

So when i just read the title of the poll and not the choices my first instinct was "either when Oz leaves Willow or when Buffy kills Angel" so i was glad to see both on there. It was tough to pick, but i voted.

Kellis said...

So hard to choose! I selected Anya dealing with Joyce's death, but Buffy killing Angel was totally up there!! :(