Sunday, September 27, 2009

Letterboxing in Panama

While we hiked the forest in Panama City, we also went letterboxing. Yep, people have planted boxes in Panama. There were three of Ryan's boxes located in the park.

The first box was actually out in the open, behind the tree it was supposed to be hidden under. It had not been found since 2005, so I'm pretty sure it was just time and animals that moved it from its spot.

Once we opened it, we found this:

Mushy pulp. So long, logbook. We did not come prepared with any new baggies or log books. Sorry Ryan. I used my water bottle to clean off the stamp, and placed the stamp into the tuppy container, after David cleaned it out. We disposed of the baggie and its mushy contents.

Box # 2 was fine as well. I did not get a picture of it. The log book (roll of paper, actually) was slightly damp. We blotted it with a towel

Box # 3, below, was fine as well. I think this one had been found this February or so by another 'boxer. Again, it was damp, and David wiped the log book and inside with his towel.

It's very exciting to have found boxes in another country. :)

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Ryan said...

Cool! Who'd have thought? Boxes in Panama? How do people GET out THERE?!

-- Ryan