Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Inn Includes Pancake Breakfasts!

Hee hee. I love this.

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The Back Story:

We live in Florida, a vacation Mecca. We also moved into our new home in 2006, giving us not one but two spare bedrooms. We have lots of house guests. LOTS.

I love being a hostess. I do! I get to create great meals, bake fun things and open our homes to people, to help them save $$ and to share in their company.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when it's a little crazy, like the month last fall/winter where three weekends in a row had us hosting people. Those time, I want to hide in a hole. But most of the times, I am hinting, asking, begging friends and family over because I love being together with people. We moved kind-of out-of-the-way to afford the house, and now we are paying with loneliness (cue violins). ;)

Jacob at one point states that we are the "Magnus Inn," a play on our last name. I loved it. Wouldn't that be funny as a sign on one of the guest room doors?

The months went by. A pal of ours has a store on ETSY, a great place to buy homemade goods of all kinds. (looking for fun, homemade note cards? Check out Niki's store, Nikco.) While on Etsy, I remembered "the Magnus Inn" joke and started browsing.

I found Define Your Space after several pages of searching. Her stuff looked fun, so I started an on-line conversation with the owner about what I was interested in. She was quick with the pictures and samples; super-quick. I told her ideas, colors, she showed me fonts and layouts. Pretty soon, we were on our way to getting our sign.

Isn't in fun and fantastic?? Check out Define Your Space's many many items.

EDIT: Saturday 05/09. Jacob insists that *I* gave the room its name, not him and that I'm giving him credit that is not his. Oh well. I'm good then, huh? :)


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Niki said...

I love that.
How do i make a reservation?

ps - thanks for the shout-out for my store; NEW stock coming soon

Kellis said...

Ok, now that I know you LIKE and WANT houseguests... I'm so coming to FL soon. I thought that was just one of those polite things you say to people. ;) Love the sign!!