Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to NOT be a role model for your kids

The kids and I were at Wal-Mart Tuesday evening shopping for groceries. Isabel has been on Tinkerbell kick for a while and has been begging for a Tinkerbell costume to add to her collection for a couple of weeks. I decide to head over to the toy section with her to check them out.

The deluxe costume with wings that she wants is hanging up and is $20.00. I notice below, that there are these cardboard "toy chests" with Tinkerbell all over them. I bend down to look. The cardboard sets include two dresses, a pair of slippers, small wings and two plastic bracelets, in the cute chest for the same price. Granted, the dresses were not as fancy as the deluxe one.

I ask her if she's interested in those instead. She looks doubtful. I'm sensing high maintenance? She gets that from her aunt V. :) I notice that two of the three boxes have actually been opened, so I decide to look inside them to see what's what.

Box # 1: Empty of all its contents

Box # 2: Wings on top, plastic wrapped dress # 1 underneath wings. Cool, let's see what else is there. I lift up the wrapped fairy dress to discover some kid's used dirty clothes shoved in there.

I pause.

Someone undressed their daughter in the aisle, dressed her in the fairy costume, fairy slippers and jewelry, shoved the dirty clothes in the box, and put the second dress on top.

What in the Sam-Hill is this parent thinking?? They undress the child there? They steal clothes with the child as the accomplice? (reminds me of the parents who used their child to steal a puppy from a puppy store here a few years back and they were caught on surveillance tape).

I am absolutely disgusted. I am. There is nothing more I can say about these trashy people who would do that with and to their kids.

I took the two boxes, found an employee and explained it to him. He sighed, thanked me and took the boxes.

My Princess opted for the Deluxe costume, but I did not buy her the shoes. Yet. I'm a sucker, I know. But I'm an honest sucker.

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Hendel D'bu said...

Aw, look at that face! How could you say no to that face, I ask?

I was so excited when the new Clone Wars movie came out, and rushed to WalMart to buy myself a copy. Unfortunately, I didn't pay close enough to the packaging and got home only to find out that there was no DVD inside the packaging (there was a small slit in the side of the plastic wrap!) I was very concerned that WalMart would not believe my story, but quite the opposite. They must be very, very used to it.

I hate that. And, you are right - that is a HORRIBLE role model for children. :-(