Monday, May 11, 2009

Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys Neil Gaiman Pictures, Images and Photos
Another Neil Gaiman book, I know. I like him.

"Anansi Boys" is the story of a man. A sad sack of a man named Charlie Nancy, better known as Fat Charlie, even though he's not fat anymore. He was a little chubby as a child, and his father, Mr. Nancy, named him Fat Charlie. It stuck. Things tended to stick when Mr. Nancy named them, after all, he's a god. Fat Charlie just never knew this until after Mr. Nancy's sudden demise.

Suddenly, Fat Charlie, a man with zero ambition, is thrust into a world of magic, missing relatives who assume his life, a swindler of a boss out to escape before being caught, time and plane traveling, amusing and scary Animals, killer birds and all sorts of mischief. Fat Charlie is just not happy about it at all.

It was a funny, something groan-emitting book (Fat Charlie FRUSTRATED me at times with his wishy-washiness) that in the end, came out all right for most who deserved it.

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