Monday, May 4, 2009



That sound, that "ding dong" drives me nutty!!!! It's the sound of the front doorbell. It's the sound of the front doorbell ringing five minutes after I have walked into the house from working all day.

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Isabel has a neighbor friend who is on the lookout for me. The minute I get home, neighbor girl (n.g. for the rest of this post) is bolting from her house for my front door.

Why, you ask? Because for some reason my hubby once-upon-a-time told her and her brother that they could not be over the house unless I was home. I have control issues and David has tunnel vision and notices nothing. Long story.

Well, the n.g. and Iz play outside now. I can't remember the last time they were in the house. I like that Iz gets outside exercise and she has a friend. But PLEASE LET ME RELAX FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES!!


I have told the girl on several occasions "I just walked in the door, let me get settled," while Isabel is screeching in the background that she wants to go out to play.

I don't let Isabel outside by herself. She's 5 and a very young, naive 5 at that. I go out there and read a book or talk on the cell while they play in the opened garage or back yard.

I just want 5 minutes to get relaxed and maybe another 30 minutes to start dinner before being dragged outside. I hate being the grumpy lady that won't let Isabel play, but come on!

Edited: 45 minutes after this post - "Ding Dong!" The doorbell rang. But hey! It's 2 hours after I got home! Dinner was already done and cleaned up!

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Kellis said...

Hooray for progress, right? ;)