Monday, April 27, 2009


We all know I enjoyed the book "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire. Ever since I heard that it had been made into a play, I have really wanted to go. The play is based on the book, but several things had been changed, and I knew this. I still wanted to see it.

The Broadway Across America series was showing "Wicked" throughout the U.S. and was coming to Jacksonville, FL, about 2 hours away.

My nephew bought tickets for himself, his girlfriend and his mom (my sister Brenda). I bought tickets for myself, David and a friend, Mo, for a different day. Then, my nephew and his gf split, and he asked if I'd like to go instead.

Uh, YEA. Opening night.

My sister Brenda, me and Isabel (who is looking at the tv screen, as she is playing with the Wii).

Brenda and Jon spent the night Wednesday night. I went to work Thursday for 1/2 a day and came home at quarter to 1 p.m.

Jacob and Gansta-Jon. Don't ask.

We got dolled up, but we're wearing heels and David didn't like that we were taller than him. I was not about to unbuckle my 3" heels, so...squat picture!

We arrived in Jacksonville 2 hours earlier, parked at the $10 lot right across the street from the theatre and walked over to the Landing to find something to eat.

Me & my big sis.

We're cool. Fo' Sho'.

While in the restaurant, Jonathan points out a man walking out and says "That guy's an actor." Both he and I could not name him, but we knew him. Someone in his party was carrying a backpack with a "Wicked" tag on it so I guessed he was in the production.

We walked back to the theatre, got our programs and found our seats. There really weren't very many bad seats in the place, although I'm pretty sure the seats I have for the time I go with David and Mo are probably the worst. :)

There were to be no photos or videos taken in the place, so we left my sister's camera in the car (now at the $15 parking lot. They upped the price an hour before the show! Ha! We saved $5)and my nephew took the above 2 shots with his iPhone before the lights went out and the Magic began. And it was magic.

The actress playing Elphaba had a beautiful voice and great acting. The actress playing Glinda was HYSTERICAL!! At intermission, we find out that Elphaba is actually being played that night by the Standby, Carrie Manolakos, and not the lead, Marcie Dodd. Kudos to Ms. Manolakos for her portrayal of Elphaba! She was amazing. Glinda ("The GUH is silent") was played by the extremely talented Helene Yorke. No offense, but Kristin Chenoweth has nothing on her (or at least, the few pirated clips of KC we found on "the YouTubes.") Ms. Yorke was superbly funny!

Except for Mister "burping his dinner" next to me (aye aye aye), the evening was great! Oh, guy in the restaurant? Tom McGowan, playing The Wizard. We saw him again walking in front of our car in the parking lot. He parked there too. Hope he only paid $10! I rolled down the window and said "Great job!" He smiled and nodded (he was carrying luggage and could not wave).

My nephew bought us all t-shirts while I was waiting in the 15 minute potty line. Being a woman has its drawbacks!

Can't wait to go again! It was WICKED!!


Kaaren said...

OMG, I hate my fat arms. That is all.

N said...

That is so, so, so awesome. can't believe you get to go TWICE!
BTW, your arms look fine.

Niki said...

...and that last comment was from me; i logged into the wrong account. oops

BIG SIS said...

It was WICKED !

Kellis said...

You and Brenda are very cute!! Glad it was so great!