Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1: Charleston, SC 04/04/09

Saturday morning, we got ready to do a walking tour of Charleston, SC. (BTW, La Quinta had waffle-irons for d-i-y waffles. A hit with the kids, and the adults).

David brought along his book, "Historic Homes, Charleston, South Carolina" to guide us. We parked on a side street, fed the meter and off we went. All quotes below are from the above book. These photos are just a fragment of the hundreds and hundreds taken between Jacob and I. To make them bigger, click on them. Use your "back" browser button to come back to the post.

116 Broad Street. "The John Rutledge Inn, built in 1763 for his bride Elizabeth Grimke. John Rutledge was co-author and signer of the U.S. Constitution."

I love this color. 95 Broad Street. Major Peter Bocquet Jr's home.

Jacob poses in front of a house on Meeting Street.

At the gardens in the Nathaniel Russell house, on 51 Meeting Street, I capture a beautiful cherub on film.

51 Meeting Street, side view.

Random Observation: What is this for? To stop people from climbing on to your balcony? Weird and neat.

Rainbow Row on East Bay.

Isabel and David walking on Concord Street.

After our two-hour walking tour (we had Isabel's stroller, which she used off and on), we had lunch at an Irish pub (huge Reuben) and then drove down to catch the ferry for Fort Sumter National Monument.

Clowns to the left of me...

jokers to the right,

here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

"On April 12, 1861 a mortar shell fired by confederate forces......burst over Ft. Sumter - igniting the Civil War. " - (quote from the back of the patch I purchased there.)

This fort was pretty much beat up by the war, leaving only what you see above.

This ugly addition was added in the 1940's, I believe.

After taking the ferry back to the car, we headed somewhere in S. Carolina to meet up with an old friend of David's from college, Jennifer Margaret. She and her husband were at a cook-out on the beach for her church's youth group, so we met them there.

Isabel runs along the beach. Check out the hurricane-proof dome house on the left.

A shot of kite flying and sunset on the beach.

Our stay only lasted about half an hour, then we stopped at Pizza Hut for a pie, which we took to the hotel to eat.

The end of a fun-filled day 1.

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