Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 2: From S. Carolina to Maryland 04/05/09

Sunday was spent driving from S. Carolina to Takoma Park (right on the Silver Spring border. I mean, right on it. The house 3 over was in Silver Spring) Maryland. Only three photos were taken that day, seen below.

Thankfully, both kids are really good travelers. Isabel has always been a terrific car traveler, since she was a baby.

We arrived in the evening, I can't remember the time, to this house. It belonged to David's maternal grandmother. One of two she owned in the area. This one was the one she rented out. Since her passing, it belongs to her daughters; David's two aunts and his mom. It is currently vacant and being renovated for sale. We were given use of the house, which had one furnished bedroom (for when family is there to paint, etc.) and power/water still hooked up. It was FANTASTIC not to have to pay for hotel rooms, but a teeensy bit creepy because it was empty. We got over it by the second day. Three bedrooms/2 baths upstairs, with a huge attic above those rooms. Living, dining, kitchen, a small whatever room and two porches on the main level, and a basement leading to the garage, plus a separate large room with a fireplace, and the washer/dryer area. I'll let you know when it's on the market, in case you're interested. :)
Since these are slim-pickings, picture-wise, I'll add a few more from yesterday's Charleston visit.

Can you imagine having three porches like this? Wow.

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