Friday, April 24, 2009

I'll pass on this review

There are books you just can't wait to review...and others, you just want to pass.

Running with Scissors.

I'm just going to pass on this one. Google or Wiki it if you'd like, but you'll most likely find the movie that was made based off this book.

The book was part of a round-robin book club I am in. It's an autobiography and was on the New York Times best seller list. As I am a prude and born in the wrong era, I don't know why it's on there. Maybe because the world's going to hell in a hand basket. I don't object the theme, be & do whatever you want. I object the language used. A fellow round-robin reader could not even finish it. She put it down.

The book got rave reviews, that the author is so funny.

Totally not even my cup of tea. It was sad, but not in an "aweee, I feel sad for him," way. More of a "Wow, if this is really truly true, it's just sad."

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