Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 4: Baltimore, MD 04/07/2009

Day 4 had us getting up bright and early for breakfast near Laurel. Being near one of my company's branches, I stopped by to say hi and see a close friend/co-worker who once-upon-a-time flew all the way down for my wedding.

I'll get her permission before posting our picture together. :)

After leaving the branch, we headed to Fort McHenry. This Fort was fantastic compared to Fort Sumter. No offense, S. Carolinians, I know Fort Sumter was bombed like mad.

There was much to see and explore. Several barracks and houses are there, and we were able to walk though most of them.

Isabel gets a little freaked when I asked her to stand in this little alcove area.

Look! It's me!

This is what happens to teens who talk back!

She got over her fear of this place real quick. (blue tongues = lollipops).

They had really a really cool interactive board that dotted the path of the attempted attack on Ft. McHenry. The yellow are the shots being fired. We watched the entire thing.

In one of the barracks.

After the Fort, we headed towards the harbor in Baltimore to go to the Maryland Science Center, where David's friend Niki is the Supervisor of the traveling school division. I know I have the name of your division wrong, Niki. Please correct me and I will fix it. She hooked us up. Tee Hee.

The boys pushing Isabel up the ramp to the Science Center. FUN was had by all!

Isabel thoroughly enjoyed the Kid's Room. We had to drag her out.

Jacob views how the bones in your arm work when opening a door, in the Your Body: The Inside Story exhibit.

We even found out some things about the body that maybe we didn't want to know.

We ate lunch (Hooters - lol) with Niki at the dock, then went back to the Science Center for a little while more, where she bought me a patch for my blanket. Yay Niki! Thanks Niki, for the fun time! To see some pictures she took, go here to her blog.

We headed towards the home of a high school friend of David's, Inge, and her family (husband, 3 sons, Inge's dad Herman the German, Inge's mom, sister, brother & his kids - full house. They all came by to see David). We were there for dinner and dessert and I had a great time meeting them. Herman the German sat next to me and we chatted. He's a trip. At one point, he tells me I need to be in drama (acting) because I have excellent speaking skills and expression in my conversing. I like Herman!

Isabel spent the time playing with all the kids. I only took one photo that evening.

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Niki said...

That is a fabulous picture of me and David!
BTW, my title is Supervisor of Outreach Services and i am in charge of the Traveling Science Program, but frankly i think your description is just fine.
Glad you had fun.