Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Belong to Me

Let's ignore the gross things happening with my body, and move on, shall we?


I have never read a single one of her books until now. Is she like a Danielle Steele or something? I used to see tons of her books around, and when I saw this, a hardback, for $1 at the library, I bought it for kick and giggles.

This book is, I guess, a mystery. The main character is a radio show personality/psychologist who profiles a missing person's case on her show, about a famous tv analyst who disappears while taking a cruise. While trying to solve the case, she links it to other cruise disappearances and realizes the killer is in her town and is killing other people who may have seen him.

The book's o.k. No huge piece of literary sunshine or anything. I mean, with the limited people in her life, you know one of them's the bad guy, which is really weird, since it's a HUGE FLIPPIN WORLD. How does she know the killer of a missing person who boarded in Perth, Australia and was last seen getting off the ship in Hong Kong? It's NOT that small of a world people.

I'm not sure Ms. Clark is my cup of tea. But then, neither is Danielle Steele.

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Lisa said...

I agree with you completely! Her books can be entertaining, but nothing earth shattering.