Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, A New You!

Happy 2009 Everyone!! Ok, let's get this year started!

Doesn't it feel like 2008 was a blur?

I have an assignment for you. It's rather important so pay attention.

1) If you do not already own one, go out and purchase an address book. An old-fashioned book you have to write in.

2) Grab your cell phone. Go through your cell's phone book and review each entry. If they are not valid, delete them.

3) Transpose all the valid names and numbers, in pencil, to the old-fashioned paper address book. Why pencil? People move, people change numbers.

Why are we all doing this? (Yes, you are doing this.) Because how many of us actually know anyone's phone number anymore? Not me. If our phone dies, gets run over by a car, gets dropped in a toilet, we're in deep doo doo (pun intended.)
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I have a manual phone & address book. It was a gift from my mom and I've had it since Jake was 3. That thing is my bible for addresses and numbers. 12 years later and I am still updating it (in pencil) :) Every time someone gives me a new number, not only does my cell address book get updated, but my manual phone book too.

Happy New You!

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Kellis said...

I don't have an address book, BUT, I do keep a list with all my phone numbers on the computer (and an external hard drive). I try to update it twice a year. Go me. :D