Thursday, January 22, 2009

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe Pictures, Images and Photos

Mr. Defoe's book, published in 1719, was one of the "Classics" books on my list, so now I can check it off.

The End.

Kidding. Sort-of. I was rather bored with this book. There were some great insights though. The story deals with the fictional character Crusoe's life and being stranded on an island for 28+ years before being rescued. His early life deals with his going against his parents' wishes, and every single time something bad befell him, he prayed and repented his life's sins, which I found funny, in that people in the 1700's act no differently than today; pray to God only when your luck is down, and never to give thanks to when your life is good.

He gets stranded on the island, the sole survivor of a ship wreck, and vacillates between being immensely sad and immensely grateful to God for all he was provided (he has the ship to scavange off of, and makes himself several "homes" on the island, gets a herd of goats, etc. etc.).

Most of the time we're just listening to the minute details of his every day doings, which gets really redundant and uninteresting. Only towards the end, where he frees/saves "Friday" does the story get a little bit interesting.


The Foil Hat said...

You deserve a badge or something. Maybe a tiara!

Niki said...

I picked up this book the other day in the library as it is also on my classics list, flipped to a page in the middle, started reading and immeadiately put it back on the shelf. congrats on making it through.

Kaaren said...

A tiara and some chocolate. And coffee.