Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Stuff!

I love free stuff. Especially when it is free stuff we actually NEED!

Last Wednesday, my boss brought in a table to work. He told me I had dibs on it before the rest of the guys. We (David & I) have been discussing getting a new table for the breakfast area in the kitchen. The one we have is about as old as Jacob, is too big for the area it was in, and was being held up by an allen wrench underneath. (Thanks for the fix, Kevin).

We discussed buying one, but you know me (cheap). It was something we could put off because we actually had a table. Other things came first. We talked about a small round one for the area.

So when my boss showed up with this, and said I could have it for free, I was ecstatic!

Anyone need a rectangular table? Allen wrench included. :)


Niki said...

I just love new-to-you items.

Big Sis said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, Perfect in that spot. Yeah!!!!!!!!