Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at Headquarters.....

While we were at Blue Spring, David was at home. He's not so much a letterboxing group person. He enjoys letterboxing, just us though.

David had a project to do.

Isabel's closet is about 7 feet long. Seven feet of one shelf/rack. Her teeny clothes hung there, and there was SO much wasted space. When my mom sent Isabel some money for Christmas, I used it towards a closet organizer.

David put together the organizer and when we came home from the letterboxing event, I put everything back in her closet.

How cool is this??

The top left level are her nice dresses that she hardly wears. The bottom left are all her dress-up clothes, readily accessible to her. Now she doesn't have to get one of us to come get her costumes down. Sweaters and sweatsuit outfits fit in the middle there.

Allll the way up top is a shelf for things we really don't need access to much, like her Halloween bag, her little travel duffel bag, some toy boxes, etc.

To the right are her every day dresses and skirt/shirt outfits.

Her shorts and shirts are both in a dresser, and in the plastic bin there, because SHE HAS TOO MUCH STUFF!! We are lucky enough to get hand-me-downs from one of my sisters, and over-indulged by the rest of the family. It's kind of crazy.

P.S. Vicky. Those are not her only shoes....


The Foil Hat said...

WOW - can you guys come do my closets?

Big Sis said...

Wow, way to go David!

Kaaren said...

Milagro, huh Sis?

Big Sis said...

You are so cute!