Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Stuff

For those of you NOT on Facebook to see some pictures (lol), here's what we did for Christmas.

Kelli stopped by on the way from West Palm back to Atlanta at our place, while I was at work, to watch the kids open their gifts from her.
The next day, we drove the dreaded "can't-read-in-the-car" 9.5+ hour drive. Yes, I will buy a portable CD player next time. :)

We hung out with David's family. Rock Band, WAY too many cookies, SIL's new house and lunch, finally, at Mojo Burritos in St. Elmo. (I say Mo-Ho, the gringos working there say Moe-Joe). I've only wanted to go there for 3 years.
Santa was good to us. Book store, coffee, Old Navy and Target cards for me, as well as two seasons of Bones. :)

On the way back home, we stopped near Atlanta to see Kelli's new house. A hovel. A HOVEL, I say!

It has a furnished one bedroom apartment with a kitchen in the basement area. We're moving in!

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