Friday, January 2, 2009

Bye Christmas, Hello Neighbors!

New Year's Eve, David was catching up on Bones Season 3 episodes that I had already watched (Christmas present to me from David and the kids), so I decided to start taking down the decorations.

I did the entire house, watched the crazy neighbors one street over set off some amazing fireworks (I'll try to post a video Jake took with his camera) and then went back to do the tree. That's a long project but by 1:30 a.m., the tree too was done.

In the morning, I hear Isabel gasp downstairs. "The TREE!" she cries. "The ormamints and the angel are gone!" We explained that Christmas was over and we would have to put everything away until next Christmas. "O.k.," she says and skips away.

David's job was to take down the actual tree, put all the boxes back in the garage and remove the lights from the bushes and trees outside. We'll have to wait for the weekend to borrow our neighbor Charlie's really tall ladder to take down the roof lights.

As all this is happening, really cool neighbors that moved last year send me a text message. Their house across the street, the one David's been mowing the grass for, the one that's been for sale for a year, finally sold. We have new neighbors. From the looks of it, it's a lady with 3 young girls, Isabel's age! We've seen a lot of people helping, so we don't know who belongs in the house yet. We're being cautiously optimistic. What an amazing start of 2009 for them! I'm going to give them time to settle in, then I'm taking over a batch of Killer Brownies and introducing myself.

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