Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wii Bowling, Isabel Style

Isabel's gotten quite good at Wii bowling. We used to hold the Wii-mote and run with her. Suddenly she decided to do it herself...and then she was kicking our patooties.

She always yells after she throws the ball. She'll start with "I......" and she waits to see what happens. If she gets a strike, she yells "Iiiii wiiiiiiiiiin!!!" But if she misses, she completes the "I" with "Missed!!"

In this first video, she picks up the spare.

I love that she runs FULL TILT towards the tv and screeches to a halt to avoid crashing into the PS3 that's on the floor next to the Wii. (Ignore the mess. We'd had company that week staying with us and every single video game and system we own were brought out for them to play with).

In the second video, she thinks she "missed," but watch what happens.

It's funny that she can totally beat me at this game 50% of the time.


Kellis said...

Playing Wii with kids is my favorite. A friend has a 5 year old, and I love playing with him!!

Big Sis said...

How cute, how old is izzy now?
4 right?
I am a dufus! sorry.