Tuesday, August 12, 2008

¿Donde Esta Mickey? En Epcot!

Ready for more Hidden Mickeys?

Tough. I'm posting them anyway! The first two were in Spaceship Earth. Otherwise known as the "big golf ball" at Epcot. The first one below, is a number 3 on a mural at the entrance, shaped like Mikey ears.

This next one as inside the ride. A man picking paint samples at a desk.

Outside, at the information board, the "O" in Epcot is the Earth, and Australia is shaped like Mickey. Kind-of hard to see in this picture, and also in person as it goes by really fast.

Next up we went into "The Land." This one, upside down on a globe seems like a stretch on guide's part.

In The Land building, there's a boat ride called "Living with the Land." There's a mural of a farmer and farmland. I went by too fast to get it, but you can see where I've outlined Mickey below.

Same ride. Some Mickeys are very obvious, like these two.

Hmmm, where is this one?

In Morocco, we found some more. Some obvious,

some waaaay up on building awnings,

and some hidden in murals for beautiful princesses to pose in front of.

In Japan, some Koi swim near Mickey,

while near a miniature village in Germany, some windows show off Mickey's ears.


Big Sis said...

Cool, are you keeping count anywhere?

Kaaren said...

Sort-of. I'm checking them off in the book as we find them.

Big Sis said...

Cool beans!