Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Stuff - School, Weight, Friday dinner, etc.

Last Monday's weigh-in was a bust. Zero loss. BUT this week I lost two pounds, so I guess that'll average out to one a week? Blah. Anyway, 25 pounds down in 3 months. Pretty slow going now, but I am chugging along.

Today was the kids second week of school but only their second day as they were off all week for TS Fay. I received an automated call from the county to let me know that there will be makeup days for these four days, they're just not sure when. *sigh* All those teacher work days I saw on the 2008-2009 schedule are no more I suppose. What a crazy, crazy way to start the school year. And I think Isabel's getting David's flu!

Friday night I jumped on Atlas Quest and saw that a local letterboxer (local in that she lives 7 or so miles from me) had posted that an out-of-state letterboxer was with her and did anyone want to meet for dinner? Me not wanting to cook? Is Buffy the Slayer? YES. An added bonus was that this out-of-state letterboxer was someone I had dealt with on a couple of postal rings, so bonus! The kids and I (Jake in his Jayne hat) headed out in the STORM THAT WOULD NOT LEAVE, and headed over to TGI Friday's for dinner with Scarab (nice to meet you. Jake enjoyed the conversations very much.), 3Hearts (Kim) and her daughters, The Gamecock (Moooooooe! not Mooo, Moe.), and a new friend, Retrogeekgirl. (nice to meet you too).


Big Sis said...

I think it's so cool how you meet new people. Love it!

Ryan said...

Hey, it took me 3 1/2 months to lose 25 pounds during my hike--and I was hiking nearly 20 miles per day on average! =)

So I'd say your doing just fine. *nodding* You don't want to look like me, after all! *more nodding* =)

Kaaren said...

Especially with that beard, right Ryan?