Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Little Party That Could

Eleven invitations mailed. Check.

Total of 31 people in those 11 invitations invited (actually 12 invites, but one was out-of-state and I was not expecting them). Check. There were some people I knew could not come for financial reasons. They were further away from us.

Cake ordered. Check.

Food, drinks & snacks purchased. Check.

Game prizes, Balloons and Goody Bag items purchased. Check.

Friday evening before the party: Get an e-mail from a relative not coming. Get a phone call from another relative not coming.

Saturday morning: get two phone calls, different relatives. Not coming.

I was in tears. Literal-running-down-my-face tears after the last call. The doorbell rang and I had David answer it because I could not.

Three invitations/Ten People came, none of them family. I had so much food & drink, games and prizes. Thankfully my friends, Kim/Three Hearts and her twins came, my friend Dana and her 7 yr old daughter and her M-I-L came, and my forever-faithful friends, Jose (co-worker), Nellie and their 3 boys arrived.

The four little girls tore the place UP. They had fun. Kim's daughters and Isabel were coincidentally wearing the same Gymboree group of clothes (kitty cats), but I forgot to get a picture of them. Jose's kids played with Jake. Us grown-ups toured the house, ate burgers and hot dogs on the grill and had a nice time.
The kids played two games (winners got prizes), then we had cake, opened presents and the party was over. Isabel really had fun with the girls and that's all that matters in the end.

She got embarrassed when everyone started signing. :)


Niki said...

All the matters, in the end, is that she had a good time. SOrry there was disappointment for you, though. I would have come if there weren't 4.5 states between us.

Big Sis said...

Did you not have RSVP on the invites ? If so and people told you they were coming. Then at the last minute decide not to. That's nothing new right ? UMMMMMMMMMM I wonder who they were ?
I did not RSVP. So I am sure you knew we were not going. You know why. One of your Blogs explains it very
Like my Italian friend would say "FORGET ABOUT IT !"
Looks like Isabel had fun. Thank you for sending me the pics. Too cute. I have them in my album on my page. It's set to private right now.