Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Like Rain on Your Wedding Day??

I keep seeing these commercials from Target, with some new designers they've hired/paid for; Milla Jovovich and someone with the last name of Hawk.

Milla, as in:

Mila Jovovich


Milla Jovovich/ The Messenger/ Joan of Arch


Great movie, btw

So, they're talking about their new designs and they say stuff like fun, flirty, and then Milla says


Someone PLEASE explain to me how a DRESS can be ironic!! Cause it's driving me nuts every time I see the commercial!

To see it, click here. Give it a sec to load. In the middle of the screen there's a link that says "Commercial."


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll take a stab at it...

The ad says that they were inspired by vintage designs. Designs froma time when being a woman meant something entirely different than what it means today. So Milla says the dresses are ironic because they're flirty, fun and smack of innocence, but the modern woman wearing is anything but. She's strong, smart, and can kick-ass. I DO think it's a bit sad that they (Milla and Carmen) clearly can't see beyond these incongruities and allow for women who ARE flirty, fun and a force to be reckoned with all at once.

What's not ironic is that silly Alanis Morissette song. Don't get me wrong...I love her and her music...but none of those situations in that song are really ironic. Unfortunate and sometimes tragic, yes, but not ironic.

PDX Wolf Pack

Kaaren said...

Grrrr, stupid internet connection.

Take 2,

Hey PDX,

Funny. I almost wrote a side bar about how Alanis' song is not irony, just bad luck.

Big Sis said...

When will people learn it's not the clothes you wear that makes you who you

They are cute clothes though .....;)