Sunday, March 16, 2008

*Insert Banjo Playing Here*

We were going out for the afternoon today, but had to stop to get gas first. We don't normally gas up in our county because it is more expensive, but the gas light came on yesterday, so we decided to get 5 gallons until we made it to the next county over.

We live in a relatively rural area. The suburbs are slowly encroaching on the rural population though. We have our share of .... interesting folk.

David pulls in to a spot behing a red van and gets out to pump gas. I notice the guy in front of us, STARING at me.

I swear to you, he looked like Gollum...with a scruffy beard and splotchy mustache.

He was STARING at me all evil-like. Then I notice his van. Let me list just a few of the many, many bumper stickers on his car:

Don't be Ashamed to Be White (with a Rebel flag on it)
It's a White Thing, You Wouldn't Understand
Something about making January 19 a legal holiday. (??)

and the best of all......

The Original Boys in the Hood.

OMG, I found a picture of it on Photobucket. THIS is what the man had on his car:

original boys in the hood

Seriously!!!! In 2008. Still! Wow. Is this why the evil-stare-off? Was I too tan for him? Were my dark hair and eye brows a dead give-away that I'm not "white?"

People are still like this. How sad. Thank God he was really, really old. Maybe this will die out soon. Or am I pipe-dreaming?


Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

A quick search revealed that Jan. 19 is Robert E. Lee's birthday, so obviously that bumper sticker went along with the confederate flag sticker.

Sad that morons like that still exist.

Niki said...

Great googlie-mooglie; why won't these idiots die out already??
BTW, there's a "Klan Store"? I'm not sure if i'd be more horrified if it was run by a white supremist or by some schmo making money off of white supremists!

Kaaren said...

Thanks TG. I did a quick search on Jan 19, but nothing popped out at me.

Niki, LOL - I never noticed the "Klan Store" on the sticker. Nice, huh? *sigh*

BIG SIS said...

Racism is everywhere even with your own race. Look at the situation in Puerto Rico. Some Puerto Ricans don't want to admit that we have African heritage. So sad. I have seen racism living in Puerto Rico against our own brothers, And some Puerto Ricans don't even want to admit they are Puerto Ricans.
I don't think people will ever get it. We are all the same. We all come from God. No one is better than anyone else. Do you think The old man you are talking about will maybe figure this out on his death bed. Will he ask for forgiveness ? SO SAD.....