Saturday, March 15, 2008


This is (not) SPARTAAAAAAAAA!!!


David's other brother was here this week on his Spring Break. We really did not have plans (I'm pretty much already using up my vacation for Jake's Spring Break and a two-week vacation I am taking at the end of June, beginning of July.)

While I worked & Jake was at school, they (David, his brother and Isabel), played video games, went to the beach, played video games, went to Blockbuster, played video games, went frisbee golfing and played video games.

Then.......He did it. David's brother 300 on Wii Bowling!


Jonathan Inferno said...

I love your blogs very much,the way you write is awesome and sometimes very funny,like now lol

Niki said...

Wow. I just tried Wii bowling and was super proud of my 145.
BTW, isn't Justin David's younger brother?

Kaaren said...

Yes, he is. He's the "baby." The talest one ever.