Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Kid Recap

You haven't heard much about Jacob. That's because he's been working like a mad person trying to pay off last semester's school debt to us (done) and get started on the fall semester bills he will have (already paid off the first month's payment and is on his way to month # 2.  He has to give us $200 a week minimum to cover the semester.)   On his off time, he's gone to see some bands;

The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die, Dads and Anamanaguchi.

The guy in purple is from Anamanaguchi.

and has hung out with pals, but mostly, he's been sleeping and being a bum at home.

Isabel has had a pretty ok summer.  We wanted to sign her up for a Summer Camp at the church, but the church cancelled it due to lack of interest/too expensive.  Very saddened with that.  We did sign her up for Jazz dance classes.  She went one day a week for 5 weeks and loved it, so we signed her up for Fall sessions too.  

Her cousins came from Tennessee and stayed with us for a few days. They went to the beach here, and then they drove over to Tampa to stay for the rest of their week.  Jacob and Isabel drove to Tampa (mommy-in-near-panic) and met them at Busch Gardens for the day.

She went to her first Roller Derby game and her first Vacation Bible School.    She's already counting the days until next year's VBS.

We spent a lot of time at Universal, she & I mostly, but we did get David to come with us and mini-golf.   He just cannot do this summer heat, poor pink man.    

She looks thrilled.  It was the end of our day and she was DONE.

We went to the mall to do some dryer comparison shopping at Sears (can you believe that Lowe's won?  More on that later.) and while there, she asked again if she could do the bungee jump in the food court.  I always say no, but this time, I had $10 she was gifted from someone, so I paid the $7 for her to jump.  She was a weeeee bit scared and would not flip.

We went school-supply shopping (new tennies, two new outfits, new Jazz shoes for the fall classes, and her usual paper/pencils, etc. supplies). Fourth grade starts (started, by the time I post this) on Monday the 19th.  Jake starts his sophomore year on the 21st.

Good luck to my babies.  I will post "First Day of School" pics soon.

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