Monday, June 24, 2013

Bi-Weekly Update

We had David's sister, husband, 4 kids and a random kid (was told we had an extra person as she walks in the door)  at our house a couple of weekends ago.  They were staying with us for 2 nights before they headed off to Tampa (2 hours away) to stay at a condo for a few days.  They arrived on a Thursday night.  Friday while I worked they all went to the beach and took Isabel with them.

Looks like Summer is here.

Friday evening, after work, I started making a big spaghetti dinner for all eleven of us.  Spaghetti, meat sauce and meatless sauce, salad and garlic bread.  David's sister had her sewing machine with her and repaired Isabel's sad baby blanket.

Then we played a prank.  David's sister took a scrap piece and sewed it up.  We told Isabel it was all we could salvage of her blanket.

She was pretty confused until I handed her the real blanket.  After showers, they all pretty much passed out. They left Saturday for Tampa.

That Monday I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina EARLY to be at the branch there for two full days.  Never again will I try to save the company $$ by taking a connecting flight through Atlanta.  I'm trying to be all "save the company close to $300," but by the time it was all said and done, delays, running, headaches and hunger were not worth the savings.  My boss flew direct so *I* am over the connecting thing.  That, and Mister Farts-in-his-sleep Man sitting next to me on the way up was enough.

The kids drove to Tampa (nervous mom here.  My son and daughter in a car alone for over 2 hours. Ugh) to meet up with David's sister & family at Busch Gardens.  A good time was had.

I returned Tuesday late night and was back at my office Wednesday morning. (Again, no more connecting flights to Charlotte for me.)

The kids are out of school and Isabel and I were sick for the first two weeks of her "summer vacation."  We're both on the mend.

More to tell later (co-worker from Houston in town for training; cake for a good-bye party at church),  just need to upload more pictures.

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