Monday, August 12, 2013

Painting My Nails

I never paint my nails. I think it's because I can never grow my nails long enough.  Also, it's a laziness thing, but I have a lot of nail polish. A lot. I have no idea why I have so much.  I've gotten gift sets from mom & my sisters, I suppose.  I decided, what the hey, let's get a little creative with the nail polish. Maybe that'll be fun.

Now, I do believe it's best left up to professionals, but I did think that about cakes too,  :)  I had some nice blues and yellows and decided to mess around.

Polka dots are *not* my thing, apparently.

Then, while looking up nail art pictures on the web, I came across something called Water Marble Nail Art.  Crazy way to color your nails using a cut of water with nail polish dropped into it.  Whhaaaaaat?  You have room-temperature water, drop several layers of nail polish, use a stick to make a design and then you dunk your nail into it.  Here's someone I was checking out on YouTube.

Of COURSE I am going to try it, cause I'm adventurous like that!  And what else? I'm gonna take  a VIDEO of it too!

Here's the right one.  I wish my nails were longer.  Also, I was not really doing it right. I needed to lay my nail bed flat on top of the water, not dunk it straight up & down.  Still, I like how this came out.

For the final thing I did, I decided on making a minion on my pinky.



Niki said...

I totally want to try the marbling. Also, I've seen putting paper on your nails.
That minion is crazy.
you got talent, lady

Bling It On said...

So freakin cool! I'm totally trying it!