Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Fun Stuff

Hello!  This summer is in full swing and I am TIRED.  Sorry for the failure in posts.

We went to an "I Hate Milk" party.

Isabel's "milk" mustache.

We've hit Universal Orlando (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure) several times.

I was sent another person (this time from Houston) to train.  I'm waiting for her to email me pictures; she took a ton.  She also tuned me in to an AMAZING on-line eyeglass place.  As long as you have your prescription, including your P.D. measurement (pupilary distance), you can order glasses for CHEAP!!!!  WARNING: TOTALLY ADDICTING.

$29 TOTAL, including shipping.  YES, prescription lenses.

$24 TOTAL, prescription glasses, with shipping and tint too. (tint not pictured.)

Zenni Optical.  Go check them out.

David and I went for the first time in our 20 years here to The Enzian Theatre.  WHY did we wait so long to go??  We went to see Joss' "Much Ado About Nothing" in this amazing place where you can sit and have a meal at a table, on a couch, in a chair.  Just an awesome venue.  The movie was SO GOOD.  Shakespeare has to be seen to be understood and it has to be done right.  This was done right and was so much fun. I love Joss Whedon.  The audience really appreciated it, laughed at all the right moments; it was a good date night. 

That's me in the front center in pink.  There are more couches and tables below me,
and more behind where David was taking the picture.

David checking out the menu.

The appetizer was good.  David was not too thrilled with his meal (crab cake sandwiches.)  Mine was pretty good (the bun was a little crunchy on my chicken salad sandwich).  

Jacob's been working his TAIL off this summer, saving money for the fall.  This fall semester, he's $2,000 short from last semester, which was already about $2000short after all the scholarships he got.  That's $$ he either gets from new scholarships (he's lazy in the "searching" front) or from work.  He steadily paid off $2300 to me for the Spring semester and  another $700 for a car bump he had with a co-worker that we settled AWAY from insurance.   Now, he's working to pay the $4,000 he has to come up with for the fall semester.  He won't get it all done this summer, but he's giving me cash every week that I save up and track on a spreadsheet.  Private college ain't cheap, and we (David and I) ain't a bank.  He'll work part-time during the fall semester too, to help with the $800 a-month payment that gets sucked out of my bank account.   

Isabel started Jazz dance class at a local dance studio and is LOVING IT.  She also wants to join Tae Kwan Do.  KYEAAAA! That's happening this coming week, as well as another trip to Charlotte in 2 weeks to train a new manager.  They're sending me, rather than a manager, to train a new manager.  Uh huh. Yeap.  *shaking head*

And that's what's new these past 2 weeks.  

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